Get to know me

I studied Architecture at the National Polytechnic School of Athens and worked, mainly as site engineer-manager for big contractors, in sizable public projects, primarily in the Athens area, such as the Police Headquarters building, the Vocational Education building, Bank of Piraeus (in Kastri), the Olympic Media Press Center, etc.

I feel particularly proud of my work, as head of a fine team, of completing a particularly complex project of restoration and expansion of the National Theater building.

Between particularly demanding projects that I managed, I always found a little time to travel to distant, difficult to access places, often quite perilous, in order to explore them and get to know people, customs, cultures that are gradually becoming extinct, and nature that is being brutally abused.

It was over the last few years that I became interested in photography. I was motivated by my wish to capture the beauty of the world, during my numerous journeys; but above all, to capture the feelings and the furtive moments of my meeting new cultures and people, and to facilitate my understanding of human nature. Photography, as far as I am concerned, is an endless quest of light and color that each moment reflects. Above all photography is about the spontaneous trust and interaction generated between me and the people I meet and my desire for understanding human nature, during my numerous journeys.

I have participated in several international web photo competitions, where my photos won many prizes. I also participated in two group exhibitions in Italy.

«I "saw God" when I went up the base camp of Mt. Everest, at 5.500m., in Tiger's nest, in Machu Picchu and in Chimborazo, I saw earth’s marvel when I stepped on equator's global line, I went to Ballestas Islands (Peru's Galapagos) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and in the biggest national parks of Africa -from Kruger to Etosha- to get to know flora and fauna, I enjoyed human creation and culture in Persepolis, Taj Mahal, Angkor Vat, Borobudur, Petra and in the Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, but above all, in the monolithic temples of Lalibela, (the only place I promised myself to come back to), I saw a total solar eclipse in the middle of the Black Sea, I enjoyed the performance of the "Swan Lake" at the Bolshoi theater in "Grand Premier" during the times of Soviet Union, I danced with the Dani in Papua, the Mursi and Karo in Ethiopia, the Dayak in Borneo, the Batak in Sumatra, the Aymara in Uros Islands in Titicaca, I touched Dalai Lama while attending the Buddhist congress in Dharamsala, I felt danger in Orinoko, I crossed Himalayan terrains in one of the world's most difficult trails, I saw Salto Angel, the world's tallest waterfall in Venezuela, the Victoria waterfalls in Africa, I played with lemurs in Madagascar, I cried with emotion and gratitude in a Greek church, deep in Ethiopian Diri Dawa, I hugged all the children of the world from India, Yemen, Madagascar, Ethiopia to Guatemala, I saw the sunrise in the Caribbean, at the estuaries of Rio Dulce, and the sunset at the dunes of Namibia and how much more…..

I wish I had a thousand eyes, oh dear God….. a thousand lives to continue the Journey»