Through viewing images of the world, the brain receives a direct stimulus to create a scenario and a context, in order to explore and trace totally strange and amazing worlds and ways of living, to penetrate the entire universe which, even though not actually experienced, is projected in front of us in a magical way.

Incredible Ethiopia ..... Amazing Ethiopia

I visited Ethiopia in 2011 and I loved it! Circumstances brought me to Ethiopia instead of Mali and Burkina Faso which were my intended destinations. The war in Mali began in 2012 and these two wonderful countries are no longer accessible, since the situation in Burkina Faso ..

Admiring the tree of the Little Prince in Baobabs Avenue

"Now if you attend to a baobab too late, you can never get rid of it again. It overgrows the whole planet. Its roots pierce right through. And if the planet is too small, and if there are too many baobabs..”

Faces of the world, the world in faces

Getting to know the Dani, the savages of the Baliem valley, in West Papua

August 2012. The small aircraft lands at the primitive airport of Wamena, at the Baliem valley. At last we reached the land of Papua, the land of the savages..

Yemen, a country from another planet

It was just by a few days that I was able to see Yemen, to enjoy my journey through this magic country, before the war broke out. This magic land with the wild nature, the unique architecture, the incredibly warm people and its own strict ethics, that shows no rush to meet the western world..

My journeys in numbers